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[ profile] amioneofthem prompted me to "talk about one most important work of fiction in your entire life for you personally, what was a formative/life-changing experience without which you wouldn't be here as you are now regardless of your current feelings about the source material. About what kind of impact it had on you and why."

My immediate reaction to this prompt was, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, duh!" But actually I've often thought that the period of time during which I started to develop interests and become a person was at age eight, thanks to Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

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I only considered character themes from Bahamut Lagoon, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI to X-2, the Kingdom Hearts series, and the two Tales of Symphonia games because I haven't played many other games with character themes. Those games alone added about 70 songs to my collection of video game music because I had to listen to every single character theme I could think of from those games.

Note: I did not count battle themes like "J-E-N-O-V-A" from Final Fantasy VII or "The Graceful Assassin" from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories because they play only during those specific battles and do not share leitmotifs with any other songs, so they're more representative of the battle than of the character. I may separately do a Top Ten Battle Themes eventually. (That list would almost certainly contain "J-E-N-O-V-A.")

Also note: I do not know how to talk about music and can't identify instruments well.

Fred's Top Ten Video Game Character Themes

From composers Motoi Sakuraba and Shinji Tamura, Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Yoko Shimomura; 10 + several extras )
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Final Fantasy VIII
Ah, character development. So wonderful and yet so dangerous. Wonderful because, hurrah, movement, growth, etc. Dangerous because it becomes difficult to say you like a character in a general sense. What I mean is,


I haven't liked him since I was eight years old. I also haven't played this part of the game (end of Disc 2, beginning of Disc 3) since I was eight years old, although I may have liked him back then just because he's pretty. I fully admit that at the beginning of the game, he is a major douchebag. Not quite as much as Luke from Tales of the Abyss (who sadly sticks in my mind pre-development), but: "Your schoolmate is dead." "THIS IS ABOUT MEEE."

Have some shame, dude. Childhood trauma and internal monologues considered, that was still pretty bad. But then he started to grow, thanks to his friends who touched his shriveled little jackass heart and caused it to blossom into a happy palpitating blood squeezer, re: "You're glad they're not dead!" "No, I'm not. (Except I secretly am.)"

I am eagerly anticipating the train tracks scene because I think I will be all over that, especially given the record of scenes that have made me like Squall:

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Vampire Relationships lolololol
AHAHAHAHAHA, I was just reading a description of the things Edward from Twilight does to Bella that can be considered creepy and misogynistic, such as sneaking into her room and watching her sleep, stalking her, breaking up with her for her own good, thinking she needs constant supervision and protection, etc. etc. etc. and it sounds just like Angel and Buffy.


I haven't read Twilight, but as far as I can tell, the difference is that Angel and Buffy's relationship is portrayed as unhealthy and doomed to fail, whereas Edward and Bella's is portrayed as the ideal (or so I hear). Also, Buffy can beat the shit out of Angel. And does. Numerous times.
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I finished reading Havemercy. EXCELLENT BOOK.

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Final Fantasy VIII
I finally defeated Diablos. It's a bit sad, really, considering the Garden's already going crazy and all my other GFs, save for Brothers, are at least level 20. But I tried and tried and could not beat Diablos until yesterday, when I stole all of my non-party members' magic and beefed up my party's stats like whoa. I also had plenty of Cura this time around instead of lowly Cure. Even then, Diablos nearly owned me with two Gravijas in a row, and Rinoa KO'd twice. He also knocked Quezacotl out, even though birdy boy has the most HP out of all my GFs.

I've been thinking about how the GF system in FFVIII is so much better than the Summon system in FFVII. In VIII, you actually give a shit who has what because the GFs directly affect stats and abilities. Plus, you actually use them because you don't have to conserve MP, so conservative as I am about magic, I have no qualms about using Shiva against a T-Rexaur six times in one battle. GFs take a long time to summon, but they deal enough damage that it's worth it, and the Boost system makes the player actually appreciate longer summoning times.

GOOD GAME, THIS ONE. But when NORG's followers started unleashing Grats on me, I had to wonder if they were serious.


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