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My dream last night was narrated by a man in pursuit of a serial killer, but when he finds the killer, the killer hypnotizes him so that he is aware but cannot move. The view shifts to first-person as the killer approaches the narrator—and the viewer (the dreamer, me)—with a hacksaw. "Do you know what they do with the pieces of your body when there isn't enough for a coffin?" The killer cuts into the man and begins pulling bloody pieces of him apart. "There goes the one from my brain to my right hip." A shot of police throwing limbs and other body parts off a cliff. "They ended up throwing me into the ocean."* I wake up.

*I'm pretty sure that's not what they do if there aren't enough pieces of you for a coffin.

Also, I think the serial killer and the narrator were both Pokémon.
Also, it was implied that the narrator slept with Daredevil.


I started with the end because it was the best part, but long before any narrators or killers came into the pictures, I was in my room, sitting on the tatami, playing a computer game. My sister was rummaging around, looking for books to sell. She was trying to use the Sight, a talent which would give a visual indicator of whether a book had any value. I used to be very gifted with the Sight and had used it to sell many books. I had also marked two books of fables as "gold" and "silver" but liked them too much to sell them. (There was no value indicator for them now.) I couldn't get the Sight to function now, so I returned to my game.

It was Pokémon. Having failed at making money in the real world, I turned my efforts to fishing in the Mississippi River with my Old Rod, hoping to turn up some nuggets. I instead encountered Horseas upward of Lvl 50; my party, which included at least one Paras, was only in their 30s, but I managed anyway.

Eventually, I navigated somewhere I clearly wasn't supposed to be at this level, and another trainer spotted me from far away. His Pokémon were upward of Lvl 80, and one of them was a "mutt"–a cross between Hitmonlee and a horse. I sent out three Pokémon, one of whom had a move that was supposed to be strong against mutts, but it was ineffectual (or not very effective?).

Another of my Pokémon was the narrator, and the mutt was the serial killer.


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