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For the past couple of weeks, Silver ([ profile] amioneofthem) and I have been co-writing a story. Most of what we've done is emailed back and forth, brainstorming and world-building, but I sent her the first chapter yesterday, and she's writing the second chapter now. It's a really thrilling premise. Since we've elected to do it a bit improv instead of plotting the story in full, neither of us knows where we're headed, but I'm excited to see where we'll go.

It's very different from [community profile] dearcousin, which I write with meesely ([personal profile] sanau_du). The method is similar, but the stories differ drastically in tone. Dear Cousin is, on my end, a humorous slice-of-life story with a protagonist who is emotionally reserved and takes for granted things that would give other people pause. This story with Silver is more serious, more epic in scale. My protagonist feels strongly, dwells on everything, and has some darkness to him.

I sought a partner for a co-writing project as something to do while waiting for meesely's next chapter of Dear Cousin, but I'm so in love and feel so inspired. I'm glad this thing is happening.

In other writing news, the Yuletide deadline is in eight days and I haven't started writing, not even in my head. Haha, oops.

My domain name is expiring in one month. I'm fairly certain I want to let it expire because it's one I haven't liked in a long time, but I'll have to purchase a new name and move everything over before then. めんどくせー


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