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Well, well. It looks as though Dear Cousin, my writing project with [personal profile] sanau_du is developing a plot. I am intrigued and a little intimidated!

Dear Cousin is the story of two young girls, one alive and one recently dead, who write correspond through letters about their daily lives. [personal profile] sanau_du writes Emma Hall, who trudges through a world of grief and mundanity. I write Ilyana Wolfe, who dines with hobgoblins and borrows books from banshees.

It is a writing experiment in which we collaborated on a premise but no longer discuss how the story is going to develop. Either of us can say anything about our co-writer's character, and our co-writer will accept it as fact. Which means that I have no idea where [personal profile] sanau_du is going with her recent recurring plot elements, nor does she know what vague plans I have for mine.

It is also an experiment in not having a long-term plan. I don't know how far ahead [personal profile] sanau_du is plotting, but what I originally wanted to do with this project was to just be able to write without thinking too hard about it or getting caught up in planning. For the stories that are my precious babes, I do think the planning is crucial, so for me, Dear Cousin is a sandbox where I try not to care too much and instead just have fun.

We're both bad at updating, but if you want to read it, the first letter is here.


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