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Thank you so much for participating in Yuletide! I’ve provided a lot of prompts per fandom, mostly because they are repeat requests so I have had A Lot Of Time To Think, but they are merely suggestions; you write the fic that you want to write!

General things I like and dislike:

I love: complex, contradictory relationships (esp. platonic); unrequited or seemingly unrequited gay pining; anxiety disorders!!!; characters crying and being miserable; darkfic (my Crueltide thread); HUMOR!!; memory stuff (memory manipulation, amnesia, traveling through memories, etc.); person A traveling to an alternate universe or timeline where they're either in a relationship with or were never in love with person B; universe-hopping stuff in general, really; smut lol (as long as characters are of age); really though I could read a million gay pining fics; fandom politics??

I am fine with: Angst; AUs; character death; explicit sex; explicit violence (but please spare the eyeballs, teeth, and nails); infidelity; gen/het/slash/femslash/multi; most kinks; PWP; whatever POV. If I don't say anything about it, assume I'm cool with it.

I dislike: Explicit underage sex; AUs that drastically change the characters circumstances, e.g., historical AUs, sports AUs, no powers AUs, werewolf/vampire AUs. Also, I guess; A/B/O.


Fantastic Four (2015)
Any character

I love the Fantastic Four in all incarnations, but this movie gave me a lot: a beautiful emphasis on Ben and Reed's relationship, scientist!Sue Storm!!!, a Johnny who is kind behind his posturing and insecurities. There's a pretty wide range of things I'd like, hence the "any character" request. Any ship or no ship is fine; you do you.


1) I adore how dark the movie gets after the characters returned from Planet Zero! I love that it emphasizes that being able to light on fire or turn invisible but not being able to control it is actually horrifying/traumatizing. Reed is straight up body horror!!! Ben is in constant pain!!! Doom blowing up heads!!!!! Love it. If you wanna take that further, I'm all for it.

2) How do the changes to the canon in this version affect the characters? In particular, what does it mean for Johnny and Sue that they have to live in their suits 24/7? What is it like for them before they get their suits? In general, I'd like to see more of Johnny and Sue.

3) I 1000% headcanon this version of Ben Grimm as gay and perhaps having a lifelong crush on Reed and feeling anxious about Reed leaving him behind but wanting him to have the opportunities that the Baxter Foundation offers. :') And then having his heart broken after the Planet Zero trip when Reed runs away. But you know what I would really dig that there isn’t enough fic of? Reed not requiting. Hahahaha, I love pain.


5) Is Susan Storm not giving any of the dudes the time of day because she is asexual or because she is dating this universe’s Alicia Masters? I'm just saying,

6) I know I said I 1000% headcanon this Ben as gay, but I also suspect, from director and actor comments, that an early version of the movie had Ben/Sue as a thing, and as they are my ship in the Ultimate Universe (they are engaged/married!! they have a baby girl!!), I am into this idea. Unrelatedly, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara, who are together IRL, have been spotted at the beach with his 3-year-old son and her dog. Unrelatedly.

7) 5 times Johnny made a pass at Reed's best friend + 1 time Johnny made a pass at Reed's boyfriend

8) What would you have wanted from a second movie?


Marvel Ultimates
Clint Barton

I’m massively in love with the Ultimate Universe and have read every single thing in it, so feel free to make use of the whole universe, but also don’t feel obligated. In addition to Clint, I nommed Monica Chang, Nick Fury, and Sue Storm and would be more than fine with Clint being a minor character in a fic about any of them.

If you’re not super familiar with Clint’s whole story and want to be, here are the series important to his character: Ultimates, Ultimates 2, Ultimates 3, Ultimate Comics Avengers 2, and Ultimate Comics Ultimates, although he also has a couple of great scenes in Ultimate Secret, Ultimate Comics Avengers, and Ultimate Comics Mystery. Most of those series are pretty gruesome and depict or discuss torture and/or sexual assault, so be careful.

I have my own headcanons; feel free to use them or show me your own. Clint and Nick's relationship is so important to me, whether in a platonic or romantic/sexual way, but I'm really fine with any ship or no ship here; you do you.

(Also while normally universe fusion stuff is fun, I’d prefer that you not draw too much from MCU anything that isn’t already in Ults. :x)

Prompts about Clint:

1) The most interesting thing about this version of Clint to me is his relationship with Nick Fury, where he views Nick as a father figure and close friend (Nick was Clint’s daughter Nicole’s godfather) but trust is a complex and fickle concept for the two of them. My reading of their relationship is that Clint knows better than anyone that Nick is an untrustworthy person, but he puts his faith in him anyway, whereas Nick does care for Clint but won’t hesitate to hurt him, physically or emotionally, to do his job. I’d like to see something about the two of them, whether it’s from early in their relationship or decades in. Maybe Nick held Clint up with his family was killed. Maybe Clint has always been in love with Nick but knew that was a dangerous path to pursue. Maybe five times Nick Fury crushed the humanity out of Clint Barton and one time he brought it back. Maybe one of them kills the other. Gen or slash, angst or fluff, fucked up shit or the kinder aspects of their relationship—there’s no Ultimate Universe fic of these two yet so I will take basically anything lol.

2) I want to know more about Clint’s relationship with his family, before or after their murder. Who was Laura and how do she and Clint meet? How does their relationship develop? What kind of father is Clint? How does Clint’s family deal with Clint being a black ops agent? How does Clint work through his grief besides getting revenge and putting a target on his own head?

3) Once upon a time, Clint thought of Natasha as a close friend and partner, but we don’t spend much time in his head after the events of Ultimates 2. What effect did it have on him, not just in terms of his family being murdered but in terms of being betrayed by the person he trusted most? I don’t particularly ship Clint/Natasha because Clint has Laura, but hey, if you can make it work and want to do it, go for it.

4) When Monica is introduced in Ultimate Comics Avengers #3, she says she doesn’t give a rat’s ass what Clint thinks about her using the codename Black Widow, but we never actually see Clint and Monica interact outside of a professional mission-based capacity. What is their relationship like?

5) Honestly it would just be nice to spend any time at all with Clint because he’s such a fascinating character who gets so little spotlight.

Prompts about the other characters:

1) We know Monica Chang’s mother babysits her infant Julius, but we only get one scene with either of them. Tell me more about Monica’s family.

2) Sue was a member of the Ultimates during Ultimate Comics Ultimates, but she was given very little internality during this period. She probably joined up for the research funding, but how does she feel about being part of what is essentially a military task force? How is being on the Ultimates different from being in the Fantastic Four? How does being Ultimates members impact her and Ben’s relationship?

3) Similar to the above but with Jessica Drew. Why does being on the Ultimates suck? How does being on the Ultimates impact her identity issues and her journey to selfhood? A lot of her character arc happens off the page while she’s in the Ultimates. How!!! idk is this an appropriate place to mention that Jessica Drew is my second favorite Ults character after Johnny Storm? Anyway,


Spider-Man (Ultimateverse)
Johnny Storm

As with Marvel Ultimates, I have read everything in the Ultimate Universe, so feel free to make use of all of it. If you have only read his appearances in Ultimate Spider-Man, I have a reading list of his other major appearances at the bottom of this post, which also contains a lot of my feelings about the character. Another possibly relevant post is this one about my ships, but feel free not to use any of the headcanons in there.

My favorite relationships are: One-sided Johnny Storm→Peter Parker, Bobby Drake/Johnny Storm, Jessica Drew & Johnny Storm, Johnny Storm & Sue Storm, Johnny Storm & Mary Jane Watson, Bobby Drake & Gwen Stacy & Johnny Storm & May Parker, Lana Baumgartner/Jessica Drew, Ben Grimm/Sue Storm, Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson, I love everybody and have no anti-ships

My prompts make reference to Ultimate Universe events that may be pretty esoteric, but if you’re a more Spider-Man-specific reader, please don’t feel intimidated! I’m not nitpicky, and I enjoy canon divergence and tweaking canon to suit one’s fic needs. Feel free to just ignore the prompts that reference other series, haha.


1) It’s really important to me that Mary Jane was Johnny’s first friend at Midtown High, but we don’t see a lot of their relationship later in the series. A cute genfic about the two of them would be nice! Alternately, an angsty genfic about the two of them after Peter’s death. Alternately, the same thing but with basically any other character?

2) It is semi-established canon that Johnny loves to double date. Fun genfic time! Bobby/Johnny + Jessica/Lana? Peter/MJ + Johnny/Jessica? (HAHA AWKWARD) Gwen/MJ? Kitty/Kong? Something something beards? Bobby/Johnny fake dating because Gwen needs them to double date with her in order to seem chill or some other horribly contrived reason?

3) I headcanon Johnny as being gay but just starting to figure that out or come to terms with it toward the end of Peter’s series. A fic about him exploring his sexuality maybe? A fic about him realizing he’s into Peter but never making a move because Peter’s with MJ, and then he’s with Gwen, and then he’s with MJ, and because Johnny is still confused and scared and doesn’t know what to do with himself and dates girls because he thinks if he tries hard enough he might fall for one of them? (Note: He absolutely does not have to be gay in your fic if you don't see him that way.)

4) I love universe-jumping stuff. (Think Spider-Men.) Johnny goes to 616? Johnny goes to a universe where Peter never died? Johnny goes to a universe where he and Peter are married? Johnny goes to a universe where he is dead?

5) So, hidden away in Ultimate Comics Doom #4 is Ben Grimm and Sue Storm’s engagement, and hidden away in Ultimate FF #6 is Ben and Sue’s baby girl. (Warning for really disturbing pregnancy plot.) All I want! is Johnny interacting with the baby! Maybe Bobby and/or Gwen and/or May helps Johnny babysit. (After all, they’re family.) Maybe Peter never died and he helps baby-sit. Maybe Mary Jane or Kitty helps babysit. In my head, the baby is named Beth, but that’s not canon in any way, so do whatever you want.

6) You know what is unacceptable? They never showed us the Ben/Sue wedding. How big of a wedding was it? Who attended? Where was it? When was it? Who cried? We need to know these things.

7) Johnny and Sue’s relationship after Ultimate Fantastic Four #60! As in, while he’s living with Peter, while he’s living with Kitty and Bobby, and/or after. We know they met up for dinner while Johnny was living with Peter, but how did they feel about living apart from each other? Do Sue and Johnny keep in touch when he’s living in the Morlock Tunnels? Do they still have dinner together? How long did it take Sue to learn Johnny was missing, and how did she respond? How much self-loathing does Susan “I don’t like myself very much" Storm have knowing she couldn’t protect her little brother?

8) So, during the Ultimatum stuff, Dormammu uses Johnny’s power to kill Doctor Strange. Then, in Ultimate Spider-Man #160, when Johnny is fighting Green Goblin, his fire powers make Osborn stronger. Then, in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #28-30, Johnny is used by Reed and Kang as a flame resistant drone against his will. Seems to me that all this would make Johnny, who loved his powers, question whether they’re not just a tool for hurting people. How does this affect him, and how does he come back from it? (Perhaps Bobby and/or Kitty, who have some experience with this kind of thing as X-Men, could be helpful here.)

9) We don’t see Johnny a lot after Ultimate Comics X-Men #14. What was going on with him all that time? During mutant camp hysteria, how he escaped, afterward in the hospital, whatever you want.

10) Canon divergence where somebody does rescue Johnny from mutant torture camp. Sue? Jessica? Bobby? Somebody love Johnny.

11) Johnny fussing over his hair. I don't even fucking care. In Ultimate Comics Ultimates #28, he had his head shaved by Reed Richards. Maybe his reaction to that? I really love Johnny and how much he cares about his hair.

12) Johnny/Ben. Johnny noticed Ben’s eyes, okay.


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