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Thanks for your time and effort!! The contents of this post are super optional suggestions; I want you to have fun this Yuletide and will appreciate anything with the characters I requested. ♥ I've also included accessibility notes for each fandom in case you're having trouble with the one for which we were matched. Happy writing!

General things I like and dislike:

I love: complex relationships (esp. platonic); sadness or anxiety handled in a subtle, understated way; queer characters with actually or seemingly unrequited crushes (or to go dark, seemingly requited but actually unrequited!!); darkfic + horror AUs; memory stuff (memory manipulation, amnesia, traveling through memories, etc.); person A traveling to an alternate universe or timeline where they're either in a relationship with or were never in love with person B; smut lol (as long as characters are of age); really though I could a million gay pining fics; fandom politics

I am okay with: Angst; AUs; character death; explicit sex; explicit violence; het/slash/femslash/multi; genderswap/reimagining characters as trans; most kinks; PWP

I dislike: A/B/O; first-person POV unless it's epistolary or something; fridging (please do not kill a character for the purpose of angst, but horror casualties with some angst as a necessary result are entirely okay); mpreg when it doesn't address trans-ness; racebending is awesome in other things but throws me off in fic idk


Fantastic Four (2015)
Any character

Accessibility: Fantastic Four is a movie that I feel I should mention was critically panned? Lol.


1) I adore how dark the movie got after the characters returned from Planet Zero! Johnny and Sue can't control their powers. Reed is straight up body horror material? Doom blowing up heads? Love it. If you wanna take that further, I'm all for it.

2) How do the changes to the canon in this version affect the characters? In particular, what does it mean for Johnny and Sue that they have to live in their suits 24/7? What was it like for them before they got their suits? In general, I'd like to see more of Johnny and Sue.

3) I 1000% headcanon this version of Ben Grimm as gay. Maybe he has had a lifelong crush on Reed. Does Reed requite? Does Reed even like boys? You decide!!

4) I am a huge fan of the Ultimate Universe, and one of my favorite things about the Ultimate F4 is the revelation that Ben's rocks are a chrysalis from which he emerges glowing purple and awesome. (For real, though, if you haven't read Ultimate Comics Doomsday, IT'S FRICKIN' AWESOME.) I would love to see that played with!

5) What would you have wanted from a second movie?


The Posterchildren
Corbin Underwood

Accessibility: The Posterchildren is a queer YA novel and short story series by Kitty Burroughs about teens who attend superhero school. All of it is available to purchase digitally. When I say "queer," I mean there are several genderqueer or trans characters, as well as characters on the ace and pan spectra. The cast has racial, religious, and body diversity as well. Please read it and support diversity in YA fiction.

The stories pertaining to the characters in whom I am interested are The Posterchildren: Origins, "Bad Things Happen," "Secret Identities," and "Castling." The characters' pages on the Posterchildren Wiki contain more information and links to posts about the characters on Kitty's tumblr.

Notes on characters: In addition to Corbin Underwood, I also nommed Amira bint Balqis and Malek Underwood and would welcome fic that features any of the three of them or any of them in combination.

1) cough Corbin and Amira's sex life cough. I'm really into the shapeshifting and also Amira being five inches taller than Corbin's default.

2) Gender things!! Do you have Corbin and gender thoughts? (I have a ~theory~ that Corbin's Empress shift is Doris Riley and that Amira made him forget because of the dysphoria associated with carrying Marshal to term. Do you agree??? Alternately, ignore this entire parenthetical.)

2) Anything with Mal being a cute and grumpy child??

3) Literally anything with one to three of those characters.


The Raven Cycle
Richard Gansey III, Ronan Lynch

Accessibility: The Raven Cycle is a series of YA novels by Maggie Stiefvater, with the fourth and last coming out in February. It was easy enough to find at my local library. There are also ebooks floating about. All three books are quick reads.

These are the broadest prompts because I haven't really thought about this beyond knowing that I want it.

1) Platonic Ronan/Gansey!

2) Shippy Ronan/Gansey!

3) Ronan likes Gansey but Gansey likes Blue and Ronan is jealous!

4) Ronan likes Gansey but Gansey likes Blue and Ronan is jealous but Gansey is still totally making out with Ronan!

5) idk just. Ronan and Gansey.


Spider-Man (Ultimateverse)
Jessica Drew

Accessibility: Jessica first appears in Ultimate Spider-Man #97, the first issue of the Clone Saga arc. I have compiled a reading list of all of Jessica's appearances up until Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol 2 #23 if you want to give it a go. (All of it is on Marvel Unlimited.) Clone Saga has also been collected in paperback, and once you've read that, you're pretty set to write Jessica fic.

Also, I've read everything in the Ultimateverse except Ultimate End (which I don't mind spoilers for), so feel free to include characters from other Ultimate titles.

A note on Jessica's sexual/romantic orientation: Jessica's canonical sexual/romantic orientation has sort of shifted over time and I'm not picky about how you choose to portray it if you address it at all. I tend to ship her with Johnny Storm (#1) or Lana Baumgartner (#2), but I will love Jessica in any and all situations. Like, I'm down to read her with Kitty, MJ, Gwen, even Peter? Anyone in her age range basically. Bi Jess. Gay Jess. Sexually fluid Jess. Ace Jess. YOU DO YOU.

My Jessica feels can be summarized by these three posts. Which are really prompts in themselves, but some more:

1) The Jessica Drew mini-series that should have been. Jessica trying her damnedest to carve out a life and an identity for herself.

2) Jessica reacts to Peter's death.

3) Jessica looking in on the life she can't have and wanting it and not allowing herself to have it. Ouch.

4) What if All-New Ultimates were actually the teen series it promised it would be and what if Lana and Jessica had kisses. Or Kitty and Jessica; I'm not picky. ((or hello Johnny what are you doing there))

5) Listen. I just really love Ultimate Jessica Drew.


7) Look, I don't really "get" the fake dating trope, but since Jessica is an Ultimate and goes on missions, I could see Jess teaming up with someone to execute a two-man operation at like a fancy party where they have to be dating or whatever. Probably Kitty, as she seems the most reliable, but you know maybe something goes wrong and Jess has to take whomever she can get.

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