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Snagged from [ profile] blevins:

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic-- absolutely anything fannish goes: TV, movies, books, comics, fandom, ships, fictional characters, actors, writing, arting, whatever strikes your fancy...

Also, feel free to suggest multiple topics/dates or to just leave a topic and no date, I'll fill it in. ;)

Gonna open it up to non-fannish topics. You can ask me about fashion, original fiction, work (good lord why), etc.

December 5: [ profile] amioneofthem: talk about one most important work of fiction in your entire life for you personally, what was a formative/life-changing experience without which you wouldn't be here as you are now regardless of your current feelings about the source material. About what kind of impact it had on you and why.

December 6:

December 7:

December 8:

December 9: [ profile] blevins: What subjects are you especially passionate about when it comes to original fiction? What are your favorite kinds of ~stories—to read AND to write? Anything you love about original fiction. Tell me your original fiction feels.

December 10:

December 11:

December 12:

December 13:

December 14:

December 15: [ profile] amioneofthem: talk about FMA and why it's such a brilliant trinity of... you said once it was, i think, plot, theme, and character?

December 16:

December 17:

December 18:

December 19:

December 20:

December 21:

December 22:

December 23: [ profile] amioneofthem: talk about your ideal aesthetic right now and why and how it appeals to you.

December 24:

December 25:

December 26:

December 27:

December 28:

December 29:

December 30:

December 31:
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