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Oh you beautiful creature. ♥ Here is a hyper-detailed list because Things I Want are something I keep track of anyway, but you do not have to get me something on here. If you see something else that you think I would like, go with your brain and your gut. Sections are alphabetical, not by preference.

All Amazon links in this post go to Amazon Smile, which is the exact same as Amazon except that purchases of eligible items give a small donation to a charity of your choice. The URLs work on regular Amazon if you just delete the "smile."

First of all, if you wanna go super easy, check out my Amazon wishlist. I just did a once-over of the whole thing, so it doesn't have everything I want but everything on it is something I want.

Clothes & Accessories

I want to be a glam prince of darkness.

Yes to lightning bolts, eyeballs, bats (as long as they don’t look like Batman), spiderwebs, studs, spikes, gold, gunmetal, black, gray, asymmetry. See Bad Eminence for my aesthetic. See Eggy Xifan for my real-life aesthetic.

No to hearts, skulls, navy blue, Urban Outfitters.

Top: Small or Medium if it’s a baggy style
Waist: 27" but I can wear 28” provided there are belt loops
Inseam: 29”-31”

My ears are not pierced. I don’t usually like to wear blue.

I need a backpack because mine is falling apart. The more pockets the better. I'd use it for both work and play, so preferably something not overtly nerdy but still stylish. Must be robust and have a zipper (as opposed to buttons) for the main pouch.

I would also like a sturdy but attractive messenger bag that can hold books and my big camera.

Black fingerless leather or fake leather gloves would be nice.

I'd like more long-sleeved cutsews, like this one.

I really dig these ribcage tank tops (but only the ribcage ones!!).

Brands I like include Deorart, DIVIDED by H&M, LISTEN FLAVOR, and SUPER LOVERS. Most of those can be purchased through CDJapan lol I'm sorry about myself.


General notes: A full list of graphic novels I already own can be found here.

I usually choose hardcovers over softcovers (unless the softcovers have extra content), but I have no lack of love for softcovers.

For the uninitiated, HC stands for hardcover and TPB stands for trade paperback (i.e., softcover). You can find these either on Amazon or at your local comic book store, and if your local comic book store doesn't have it, they can usually order it for you.

* Fullmetal Alchemist by Arakawa Hiromu
Any volume I don't already own. See list. I prefer single volumes to 3-in-1 omnibuses just because the volumes I already have are single volumes.

* Saiyuki by Kazuya Minekura
I have none of Saiyuki, and I have Vol. 7-9 of Saiyuki Reload.

* Supurbia TPB 2 by Grace Randolph & Russell Dauterman

* The Wicked + the Divine TPB 1 by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

* Through the Woods by Emily Carroll


* Angel, any season but 5.

* Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 4 or Season 6
I want the thick boxy set (about 2" wide), not the thin DVD-sized one (< 1").

* Dollhouse Seasons 1 and 2

Make Up

Would like a nice brush set. Dramatic false lashes.

Quality shampoos, conditioners, and cleansers are also nice. My skin type is oily and my hair type is both oily and dry? Anti-dandruff is nice for shampoos.


I like CDs, especially of artists by whom I've heard a few songs I really like but overall have not heard very much. Lately, this includes Bat for Lashes, BUCK-TICK, The Civil Wars, CocoRosie, Dum Dum Girls, Fever Ray, Forest City Lovers, Squalloscope, and sukekiyo.

I’d also like albums, singles, or DVDs by MERRY. Here's CDJapan's catalog page for them. The albums I already own are here. The only single I own is Gunjou, and the only DVDs I have are the ones that come with M.E.R.R.Y. and NOnsenSe MARkeT. Most albums and singles have a limited edition version that comes with a DVD, and that’s the one I want. I also would especially love MERRY VERY BEST - Shiroi Hitsuji/Kuroi Hitsuji -, ZERO single Type-B, or MERRY VERY BEST Akasaka Blitz Shiroi Hitsuji.

Music by Japanese artists can be purchased on CDJapan or on Amazon. Prices are a bit weird on CDJapan because they’re in yen and aren't converted until after they’ve charged you. Used is fine as long as it’s in good condition. (Also note that the cheapest shipping from Japan can take several weeks.)

Here are all the albums I own.


* Final Fantasy VIII for Playstation

* things that have lightning bolts or eyeballs on them. ANYTHING that has lightning bolts or eyeballs on them. Clothes, pillows, comforters, phone covers, bedspreads, etc. etc. As long as they are also otherwise good-looking.

Favorite online stores

Cute Harajuku
Mystere Wonderland
Wicked Clothes


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