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The StarKid show at the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco was definitely the lolziest concert I've ever attended and will probably prove one of the most memorable. Because StarKid, what are you.

☆ Concert Report ☆
Julie and I arrived at the Nob Hill Masonic Center at around 6:45 PM, 45 minutes in advance of the show. There were a lot of people in StarKid gear or makeshift StarKid gear, and some people dressed up as Batman, Robin, or Superman. The audience was a huge range of ages, but I'd say it was at least 90% female. In front of us were four guys who had no idea what StarKid was and who had bought tickets because they needed to see a concert for their choir class. The girls in the row in front of them were teaching them about StarKid, and they seemed interested in Me and My Dick, and one guy even looked it up on his iPhone, so NEW CONVERTS? WHO KNOWS.

The opening act for StarKid was a hip-hop group whose name I don't remember and toward whom I was pretty lukewarm but whose vocalist was a very good rapper and a witty poet. Their performance was mildly enjoyable, but for their last song, the vocalist called out his good friend Dylan Saunders, whose voice is like sex on a magic carpet.

The four guys in front of us left at this point, which is a shame because the next act was Charlene Kaye and the Brilliant Eyes.

a.k.a. Charlene Kaye That Goddess and the Brilliant Eyes.

a.k.a. Charlene "Sexypants" Kaye and the Brilliant Eyes because Charlene was wearing this sexy-as-fuck outfit consisting of a short-sleeved white blouse with huge shoulders and white jeans covered in black lightning bolts. Her voice was beautiful and if this post is not very coherent and if the entire StarKid section is like bzzuuuhhh? it's because I did not make it out of her performance alive. Her voice! The harmonies! The way she rocked out on her guitar! She was so cute and charming, as well, saying that the people waving their cell phones in the air looked like shooting stars or a glowing sea anemone. The effect was pretty spectacular. Excuse me while I go buy all of her albums.

I didn't recognize any of the songs at the time, but I can tell you now that most of them were from her Animal Love album. She definitely performed "Animal Love I," "Forever Is a Long Time" (for which she told us to be quiet because we were in a church—"the church of rock"), "A Million Years," "Until the Morning" (I think she performed this with music director Clark Baxtresser and Dylan Saunders), and "Woman Up."

The StarKid part of the show had a plot that involved very short shorts on Joe Walker the StarKids, i.e., Joey Richter, Joe Walker, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Brian Holden, Lauren Lopez, Brian Rosenthal, Dylan Saunders, and Meredith Stepien, excavating a Mayan ruin, only to awaken a Mayan deity of chaos and destruction, the colorful-skirted Margaret (Jim Povolo). If you are going to see the show, I suggest you skip over the rest of this post so that you can watch the story unfold for yourself.

Also, due to my poor memory, this is extremely approximate.

Margaret wasn't the god of only chaos and destruction; she was also the god of musical theater, so the StarKids, though they had sworn never to sing or dance again for some ill-explained reason, decided to one again subject the world to their mediocrity (their words) in order to appease Margaret, who was skeptical because she best enjoys "songs from parody musicals or musicals which are exactly like The Little Mermaid but in space—and I doubt you have any of those." So as Margaret set off the destroy Paris, the StarKids performed.

After a few songs, Margaret brought back the world's last authentic croissant, and after taking a bite out of it, threw it into the audience, before setting off the destroy Japan. The StarKids learned that there was another way to appease Margaret: human sacrifice by cutting out the heart. They decided to sacrifice Joey, and after cutting him open with a serrated blade, which Dylan helpfully provided, and pulling various organs and strange objects (a rubber chicken, a pair of goggles) out of him, they finally found his heart. Cue "Listen to Your Heart" from Me and My Dick, featuring Brian Rosenthal in a red tux and a top hat.

After this song, Margaret returned, saying, "That was great! I mean ... it was okay," before leaving with Joey's heart. Encouraged by the lukewarm response, Brian Holden exclaimed, "Let's perform more of our lesser known hits!" A string of short songs from Little White Lie's battle of the bands followed.

Margaret was pleased with the StarKids' performance, but she couldn't spare the world because destroying it was her job and she had to answer to deities higher up. The StarKids understood and complied when Margaret asked them to line up to be flayed alive as painlessly as possible. They were interrupted when Margaret received a phone call from her boss telling her that, due to not accounting for leap years, she was months late in destroying the world. She was fired and invited to join StarKid. She couldn't sing or dance, she said, and they responded kindly, "You can't be worse than Jim." So Margaret began to sing, slowly and tentatively, "Days of Summer," which bled into "Goin' Back to Hogwarts," and some song I didn't recognize.

The StarKids left the stage after this but were called back for an encore of "To Dance Again," "Coolest Girl," and "Super Friends." Unless "Super Friends" was the last song before the encore. WELL.

IT WAS GREAT. Here's the set list:

☆ Set List ☆

They performed a lot of songs that I hadn't even hoped to see performed because the original soloists weren't on tour with them, but they remixed the songs or had someone else sing them, so the show had a lot of pleasant surprises! I don't fully remember the order of songs, so I'm listing them alphabetically.


^ I was doubled over in laughter and delight during this string of deliberately shitty songs, but it seemed like I was one of the few people who recognized anything that wasn't "Boy Toy," performed by Lauren Lopez, with Meredith Stepien, as in Little White Lie. "Fancy Machine" was performed by Dylan and Joey, and after the line, "I was looking at a photo of us back in '98," Dylan said, "I was eleven." Joey added, "I was nine." I will be mentally adding those lines in each time I listen to the song now. Brian Rosenthal rocked the English glam anthem "Love Grenade." Sadly, I don't think anyone performed "You Left Me."

CAUGHT IN THE LIE // Jaime Lyn Beatty, Meredith Stepien, Lauren Lopez

^ This was the first Little White Lie surprise of the night!

COOLEST GIRL // Meredith Stepien

^ Meredith was carrying around a stuffed gorilla anytime she wasn't dancing, and she sang this song to her gorilla, which I didn't really get because the song is like a soliloquy, but. Lauren and Jaime joined in as backup singers, and the rest of the cast (sans Jim) eventually did, as well, which was an interesting switch to a song that was originally just Bonnie Gruesen.


^ They cut out Alfred's part and started right with Batman's. Not a lot of people sang along for the Holy Musical B@man songs. I guess many of them, like Julie, had not seen it yet, or perhaps hadn't listened to the soundtrack on repeat as often as I have. I surprised myself by knowing most of the words, haha.


^ Last song before the encore. Unless "Super Friends" was part of the encore.

DIFFERENT AS CAN BE + REPRISE // Brian Rosenthal, Joe Walker

^ The whole audience sang along with this and many of the A Very Potter Musical songs. It was beautiful, especially with such a fun song as this one.

GET BACK UP // Lauren Lopez, Joe Walker

^ This had story relevance and was performed fairly early. I guess everybody was sad about Margaret and Lauren was telling them to have hope?

GRANGER DANGER // Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez

^ Another song for which the entire audience sang along.

GUYS LIKE POTTER // Brian Holden

^ Neither of the original performers of this song, Tyler Brunsman and Joe Moses, were present at this performance, and I was concerned that Brian wouldn't be able to hold a candle to Tyler's heartrending version of it, but the song was instead performed upbeat and jazzy, with Dylan, Brian Rosenthal, Joey, and Joe singing backup vocals barbershop style.

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART // Brian Rosenthal

^ So fucking dapper. This song gave us a giggle because of the line, "Take her to Paris," which was sung after Margaret had reportedly destroyed the city.

ME AND MY DICK / READY TO GO // Joey Richter, Joe Walker, StarKid Company

^ This was the first song, used to introduce each of the cast members present. I was so pleased because "Ready to Go" is one of my favorites, and I didn't think they would perform it when more than half the cast of Me and My Dick isn't even involved with StarKid anymore! That is apparently not an issue.

MISSING YOU // Brian Holden, Brian Rosenthal

^ Cuuute.

NOT ALONE // Jaime Lyn Beatty

^ One of the most gorgeous songs of the night. Jaime sounds even better live than she does recorded. She sang the musical version of the song (as opposed to Darren's single version), and at first, the audience sang Harry's lines. (Jaime: "Now, I know it ain't easy." Audience: "No, it ain't easy." Jaime: "But it ain't hard trying." Audience: "It's so hard trying.") But when Harry's solo came along, she sang that, as well, and it was gorgeous.

NOT OVER YET / KICK IT UP A NOTCH // Brian Holden, Dylan Saunders, Joey Richter

^ At some point in the story, Brian decided to do something evil, and someone responded, "You can't do that!" prompting Lucius Malfoy's opening song from A Very Potter Sequel, complete with all of the stroking of Brian's body. It transitioned easily into Starship's villain song.

ROGUES ARE WE + REPRISE // StarKid Company

^ They're so delicious can I touch them. Joey sang Sweet Tooth's part for the reprise.

SAMI / HARRY // Dylan Saunders, Jaime Lyn Beatty

^ The best crossover. Dylan and Jaime alternated verses of "Sami" and "Harry." Their voices were so gorgeous that I might puke from the memory of it.

THE WAY I DO // Dylan Saunders, Meredith Stepien, Joey Richter, Jaime Lyn Beatty

^ It might have been Lauren singing February's part. Dylan and Meredith, stop being so perfect. Just kidding. Never stop.

☆ Listen ☆
Download StarKid's music on their website! (Some is free. Some is not.)
Watch StarKid's musicals on their YouTube channel!
Sample Charlene Kaye's music on her website!

edit: Videos of the show are up on the Apocalyptour Videos Tumblr!
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