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Overall, I liked it, which was great because I'm automatically cautious of anything Steven Moffat writes (although I will admit that I typically like his stand-alones, so it isn't all that surprising that I liked this one). I liked Lily and Madge a lot. Moffat is always good at writing children, and although Moffat often writes the wife/mother-with-a-gun, I felt he pulled it off with more gusto than usual this time. The female = strong, male = weak seemed like an extremely forced reaction to accusations of sexism in Moffat's writing, however, like something to which he can gesture to say, "Look! I'm not sexist!" without actually addressing the issues, although, like I said, Lily and Madge were very likable characters.

Kind of boring, though. Probably won't watch it again unless I do a complete rewatch (which lol why would I even subject myself to that).

edit: Okay, the more I think about this episode, the more I never ever want to watch it again. Really, it was just embarrassing how much Steven Moffat does not understand that you can't just say "women are strong, men are weak because" and be done with it while writing a female character whose role is, like that of so many of his other women, just to be a mother and a wife. These are both great, honorable roles. I love mother and wife characters. But Moffat makes it so clear that that is all he thinks a woman is. And it was uninteresting overall. Come on, Moffat, can't you even do good self-contained stories anymore?

Date: 2011-12-27 03:27 pm (UTC)
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The "Christmas Carol" Who special was more interesting IMO. This one was would have been more interesting to me if I wasn't so sick of everything Narnia. I don't think I've seen enough episodes overall to pick up on undertones yet, though the whole crazy pregnancy thing totally shocked me.


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