Sep. 26th, 2016

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Thank you so much for participating in Yuletide! I’ve provided a lot of prompts per fandom, mostly because they are repeat requests so I have had A Lot Of Time To Think, but they are merely suggestions; you write the fic that you want to write!

General things I like and dislike:

I love: complex, contradictory relationships (esp. platonic); unrequited or seemingly unrequited gay pining; anxiety disorders!!!; characters crying and being miserable; darkfic (my Crueltide thread); HUMOR!!; memory stuff (memory manipulation, amnesia, traveling through memories, etc.); person A traveling to an alternate universe or timeline where they're either in a relationship with or were never in love with person B; universe-hopping stuff in general, really; smut lol (as long as characters are of age); really though I could read a million gay pining fics; fandom politics??

I am fine with: Angst; AUs; character death; explicit sex; explicit violence (but please spare the eyeballs, teeth, and nails); infidelity; gen/het/slash/femslash/multi; most kinks; PWP; whatever POV. If I don't say anything about it, assume I'm cool with it.

I dislike: Explicit underage sex; AUs that drastically change the characters circumstances, e.g., historical AUs, sports AUs, no powers AUs, werewolf/vampire AUs. Also, I guess; A/B/O.


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