Oct. 20th, 2015

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Thanks for your time and effort!! The contents of this post are super optional suggestions; I want you to have fun this Yuletide and will appreciate anything with the characters I requested. ♥ I've also included accessibility notes for each fandom in case you're having trouble with the one for which we were matched. Happy writing!

General things I like and dislike:

I love: complex relationships (esp. platonic); sadness or anxiety handled in a subtle, understated way; queer characters with actually or seemingly unrequited crushes (or to go dark, seemingly requited but actually unrequited!!); darkfic + horror AUs; memory stuff (memory manipulation, amnesia, traveling through memories, etc.); person A traveling to an alternate universe or timeline where they're either in a relationship with or were never in love with person B; smut lol (as long as characters are of age); really though I could a million gay pining fics; fandom politics

I am okay with: Angst; AUs; character death; explicit sex; explicit violence; het/slash/femslash/multi; genderswap/reimagining characters as trans; most kinks; PWP

I dislike: A/B/O; first-person POV unless it's epistolary or something; fridging (please do not kill a character for the purpose of angst, but horror casualties with some angst as a necessary result are entirely okay); mpreg when it doesn't address trans-ness; racebending is awesome in other things but throws me off in fic idk


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The Posterchildren )


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Spider-Man (Ultimateverse) )

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