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Thank you so much for participating in Yuletide! I’ve provided a lot of prompts per fandom, mostly because they are repeat requests so I have had A Lot Of Time To Think, but they are merely suggestions; you write the fic that you want to write!

General things I like and dislike:

I love: complex, contradictory relationships (esp. platonic); unrequited or seemingly unrequited gay pining; anxiety disorders!!!; characters crying and being miserable; darkfic (my Crueltide thread); HUMOR!!; memory stuff (memory manipulation, amnesia, traveling through memories, etc.); person A traveling to an alternate universe or timeline where they're either in a relationship with or were never in love with person B; universe-hopping stuff in general, really; smut lol (as long as characters are of age); really though I could read a million gay pining fics; fandom politics??

I am fine with: Angst; AUs; character death; explicit sex; explicit violence (but please spare the eyeballs, teeth, and nails); infidelity; gen/het/slash/femslash/multi; most kinks; PWP; whatever POV. If I don't say anything about it, assume I'm cool with it.

I dislike: Explicit underage sex; AUs that drastically change the characters circumstances, e.g., historical AUs, sports AUs, no powers AUs, werewolf/vampire AUs. Also, I guess; A/B/O.


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vilevelns @ twitter
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On Wednesday night, after ten years of listening to DIR EN GREY, I finally saw them live as part of their TOUR15 NEVER FREE FROM THE AWAKENING! They've actually performed in San Francisco about eight times in the past ten years, but due to various reasons (school in the early years, then lack of interest until the release of their latest album ARCHE last year), I managed to miss every time. But no longer! They were /phenomenal/.

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I've realized that I want my default access list to be people I know better and that I really haven't taken the time to get to know many of you that well. Sorry about that. Comment if you'd like to stay on.
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Thanks for your time and effort!! The contents of this post are super optional suggestions; I want you to have fun this Yuletide and will appreciate anything with the characters I requested. ♥ I've also included accessibility notes for each fandom in case you're having trouble with the one for which we were matched. Happy writing!

General things I like and dislike:

I love: complex relationships (esp. platonic); sadness or anxiety handled in a subtle, understated way; queer characters with actually or seemingly unrequited crushes (or to go dark, seemingly requited but actually unrequited!!); darkfic + horror AUs; memory stuff (memory manipulation, amnesia, traveling through memories, etc.); person A traveling to an alternate universe or timeline where they're either in a relationship with or were never in love with person B; smut lol (as long as characters are of age); really though I could a million gay pining fics; fandom politics

I am okay with: Angst; AUs; character death; explicit sex; explicit violence; het/slash/femslash/multi; genderswap/reimagining characters as trans; most kinks; PWP

I dislike: A/B/O; first-person POV unless it's epistolary or something; fridging (please do not kill a character for the purpose of angst, but horror casualties with some angst as a necessary result are entirely okay); mpreg when it doesn't address trans-ness; racebending is awesome in other things but throws me off in fic idk


Fantastic Four (2015) )


The Posterchildren )


The Raven Cycle )


Spider-Man (Ultimateverse) )

Stalk me elsewhere:

myvisagewasted @ tumblr
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My dream last night was narrated by a man in pursuit of a serial killer, but when he finds the killer, the killer hypnotizes him so that he is aware but cannot move. The view shifts to first-person as the killer approaches the narrator—and the viewer (the dreamer, me)—with a hacksaw. "Do you know what they do with the pieces of your body when there isn't enough for a coffin?" The killer cuts into the man and begins pulling bloody pieces of him apart. "There goes the one from my brain to my right hip." A shot of police throwing limbs and other body parts off a cliff. "They ended up throwing me into the ocean."* I wake up.

*I'm pretty sure that's not what they do if there aren't enough pieces of you for a coffin.

Also, I think the serial killer and the narrator were both Pokémon.
Also, it was implied that the narrator slept with Daredevil.


I started with the end because it was the best part, but long before any narrators or killers came into the pictures, I was in my room, sitting on the tatami, playing a computer game. My sister was rummaging around, looking for books to sell. She was trying to use the Sight, a talent which would give a visual indicator of whether a book had any value. I used to be very gifted with the Sight and had used it to sell many books. I had also marked two books of fables as "gold" and "silver" but liked them too much to sell them. (There was no value indicator for them now.) I couldn't get the Sight to function now, so I returned to my game.

It was Pokémon. Having failed at making money in the real world, I turned my efforts to fishing in the Mississippi River with my Old Rod, hoping to turn up some nuggets. I instead encountered Horseas upward of Lvl 50; my party, which included at least one Paras, was only in their 30s, but I managed anyway.

Eventually, I navigated somewhere I clearly wasn't supposed to be at this level, and another trainer spotted me from far away. His Pokémon were upward of Lvl 80, and one of them was a "mutt"–a cross between Hitmonlee and a horse. I sent out three Pokémon, one of whom had a move that was supposed to be strong against mutts, but it was ineffectual (or not very effective?).

Another of my Pokémon was the narrator, and the mutt was the serial killer.
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For the past couple of weeks, Silver ([ profile] amioneofthem) and I have been co-writing a story. Most of what we've done is emailed back and forth, brainstorming and world-building, but I sent her the first chapter yesterday, and she's writing the second chapter now. It's a really thrilling premise. Since we've elected to do it a bit improv instead of plotting the story in full, neither of us knows where we're headed, but I'm excited to see where we'll go.

It's very different from [community profile] dearcousin, which I write with meesely ([personal profile] sanau_du). The method is similar, but the stories differ drastically in tone. Dear Cousin is, on my end, a humorous slice-of-life story with a protagonist who is emotionally reserved and takes for granted things that would give other people pause. This story with Silver is more serious, more epic in scale. My protagonist feels strongly, dwells on everything, and has some darkness to him.

I sought a partner for a co-writing project as something to do while waiting for meesely's next chapter of Dear Cousin, but I'm so in love and feel so inspired. I'm glad this thing is happening.

In other writing news, the Yuletide deadline is in eight days and I haven't started writing, not even in my head. Haha, oops.

My domain name is expiring in one month. I'm fairly certain I want to let it expire because it's one I haven't liked in a long time, but I'll have to purchase a new name and move everything over before then. めんどくせー
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[ profile] blevins prompted me: "What subjects are you especially passionate about when it comes to original fiction? What are your favorite kinds of ~stories—to read AND to write? Anything you love about original fiction. Tell me your original fiction feels."

"Original fiction" is a super broad term that can encompass any fiction that is not a blatantly transformative work, whether it be television or comics or movies, and even derivative works, depending on the approach, but for the purpose of this post, I'm going to assume it means the kind of indie original fiction you find on people's blogs, or original fiction in contrast to fanfiction.

I'm also going to divide the "stories to read" part from the "stories to write" part because they're such different things to think and talk about.

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[ profile] amioneofthem prompted me to "talk about one most important work of fiction in your entire life for you personally, what was a formative/life-changing experience without which you wouldn't be here as you are now regardless of your current feelings about the source material. About what kind of impact it had on you and why."

My immediate reaction to this prompt was, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, duh!" But actually I've often thought that the period of time during which I started to develop interests and become a person was at age eight, thanks to Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII.

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Snagged from [ profile] blevins:

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic-- absolutely anything fannish goes: TV, movies, books, comics, fandom, ships, fictional characters, actors, writing, arting, whatever strikes your fancy...

Also, feel free to suggest multiple topics/dates or to just leave a topic and no date, I'll fill it in. ;)

Gonna open it up to non-fannish topics. You can ask me about fashion, original fiction, work (good lord why), etc.

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Oh you beautiful creature. ♥ Here is a hyper-detailed list because Things I Want are something I keep track of anyway, but you do not have to get me something on here. If you see something else that you think I would like, go with your brain and your gut. Sections are alphabetical, not by preference.

All Amazon links in this post go to Amazon Smile, which is the exact same as Amazon except that purchases of eligible items give a small donation to a charity of your choice. The URLs work on regular Amazon if you just delete the "smile."

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I tried to post this in a PIERROT fan community, but they're all in such states of disrepair.

[profile] pierrot_support has been deleted. [profile] private_enemies' posts are moderated, but the maintainer has deleted and purged their account, and LiveJournal won't transfer ownership unless there's harassment or other evidence of need for a maintainer. [personal profile] cycloid's posts are also moderated. No idea if the mod is still checking their email for that account or if they even get new posts emailed to them.

Anyway, this is what has been happening with PIERROT lately.

On April 12 of this year, eight years after PIERROT announced that they were disbanding, they announced that they would be holding two reunion lives. These reunion lives took place at Saitama Super Arena on October 24 and 25. They were aired nationally by WOWOW, but there's no official online stream. No news of a DVD release yet, either. (Which is not to say nobody unofficially recorded it and put it online.)

jacintoo on Tumblr has been translating ANGELO material, including interviews about the PIERROT reunion lives and a couple of Kirito's MCs.

Vif Music has a series of interviews with visual kei musicians about PIERROT's impact. I don't know if any of them have been translated, but they're things like, "What is your first memory of PIERROT?", "How did you react to their breakup?", "What PIERROT song would your band cover?", etc. They're pretty long and in-depth. (I read a few, with some difficulty. I haven't the confidence to translate.)

PIERROT now has an official YouTube channel, as well as an official Twitter. The Twitter is pretty unexciting, but the YouTube channel has most of PIERROT's PVs in stunning 720p, which is great for those of us who have only ever seen them as shitty 240p mpgs.

Sweet child records reissued PIERROT'S HELLO Complete Singles & PV Collection in honor of the reunion. It comes with a small photo book of old PIERROT photos. Nothing an ardent fan hasn't seen before, but it's nice. The collection includes the non-band version of "Yuuyami Suicide". A friend and I purchased it from CDJapan for about $50 each.

PIERROT also has a lot of official swag at their online shop, but I think you need a Japanese mailing address.

I would really like an active PIERROT LJ community again because although the fandom is active on Tumblr, LiveJournal and sites that use LiveJournal codebases have the best archival system. I would make one, but I'd be surprised if it reached 10 members.
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Well, well. It looks as though Dear Cousin, my writing project with [personal profile] sanau_du is developing a plot. I am intrigued and a little intimidated!

Dear Cousin is the story of two young girls, one alive and one recently dead, who write correspond through letters about their daily lives. [personal profile] sanau_du writes Emma Hall, who trudges through a world of grief and mundanity. I write Ilyana Wolfe, who dines with hobgoblins and borrows books from banshees.

It is a writing experiment in which we collaborated on a premise but no longer discuss how the story is going to develop. Either of us can say anything about our co-writer's character, and our co-writer will accept it as fact. Which means that I have no idea where [personal profile] sanau_du is going with her recent recurring plot elements, nor does she know what vague plans I have for mine.

It is also an experiment in not having a long-term plan. I don't know how far ahead [personal profile] sanau_du is plotting, but what I originally wanted to do with this project was to just be able to write without thinking too hard about it or getting caught up in planning. For the stories that are my precious babes, I do think the planning is crucial, so for me, Dear Cousin is a sandbox where I try not to care too much and instead just have fun.

We're both bad at updating, but if you want to read it, the first letter is here.
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I have infinite hearts for you, whomever you are. Sections are alphabetical, not by preference.

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Art post for the FandomAid's Typhoon Haiyan fundraiser. I'm offering headshot sketches for $5, full-body sketches for $10, double for color. More examples on my Tumblr.

Onto the art: )

My thread.
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Art post for the OTW & AO3 Fundraiser Auction. I'm offering two headshots or a single full-body sketch for a minimum of $3. Bidding opens April 25th and closes May 2nd.

I will draw fandom characters! I will draw original characters! I will draw stuff from your fic! I will draw you! If you want me to draw Clint Barton in a sweet lolita outfit, I can do that as well.

I say that I'm offering two headshots or a single full-body, but I will do more if I have time and feel capable of it. I can also attempt to color in colored pencils, but I am shitty at it (see below). Feel free to ask!

Onto the art: )

My thread is here.
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Tonight, I went to see Misty Boyce, Jay Stolar, Charlene Kaye, and Alexz Johnson at Brick and Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco with [personal profile] sanau_du and Doc Ray. The venue was one of the smallest I'd ever been in, which was great. I love the intimacy of small venues.

We hit the merch booth before the show started. The drummer, Dave Heilman, was manning the booth, which included t-shirts, posters (designed by Charlene!), and CDs from each of the artists, as well as a Charlene Kaye tote bag with a note from Charlene stuck on it that said that anybody who bought the bag would get a doodle from Charlene of whatever they wanted. (She'd offered the same last year at Apocalyptour, which I attended with Doc Ray, but the two of us didn't want to deal with the hoards of Starkid fans at that concert, which is part of why, as much as we both like Starkid, we were so glad she was back in SF without Starkid.) Doc Ray bought a Charlene Kaye tote bag and Charlene's three albums, and I bought the tote bag, Animal Love Remixes (having previously bought Animal Love already), and Misty Boyce's For the Grace of Odd EP.

Since the four artists are all fairly unknown (though I've seen Alexz Johnson on a fanmix or two), the three of us managed to be front and center, along with group of other Charlene fans. Doc Ray ended up swing dancing with one of them for a bit as people trickled into the venue.

All four artists were amazing.

in which Misty and Jay have the most lovely harmonies, Dave spits on us, Charlene invites us onstage to sing with her, we make an Alexz Johnson fan emotionally overwhelmed, and Charlene draws herself as the Hulk )

It was a fantastic night. (The Burger King stop we made afterward didn't hurt.) All of these artists are on Spotify, but I will link here to their official websites and, for Misty and Charlene, a couple of my favorite songs on YouTube, as well.

Misty Boyce - "Dutch Girls" & "Regrets"
Jay Stolar
Charlene Kaye - "Magnolia Wine" & "Dress and Tie" (ft. Darren Criss)
Alexz Johnson


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